Men’s Center

I am doing AA 90 meetings in 90 days since January 1st and this has been a cool ride.

My friend, a fellow AA’er,  is joining me on this journey and we are having a blast now going to different meetings, exploring the worlds.

Today we go at noon to the Men’s center where men come off the street and get rehab and housed and do around the clock meetings. At noon it is open for ALL, including women to attend their meetings. So I love it there. So much raw wisdom.

It is amazing to see the incredible men who have struggled through fire to get to their truths. So much integrity and willingness to be better men.

Watching a man struggle in this world’s chaos can bring tears to my eyes and at the same time witnessing their struggle can make me so frustrated.

So grateful today for the men in the AA program. I some times take men for granted because I am surrounded by such magnificent men working their programs. So when I go to meetings and see a man with multiple years of sobriety or a man struggling on his first day of being sober, I am so proud to be in AA.

Men and humility is a hard combination in this world, where men are supposed to lead and rule and be the “stronger sex”, but  it is all illusion when it boils down to the first moment you have to say “I need help,” or “I’m wrong.”

We are all in the same boat, shaking off the toxic life (not necessarily alcohol or drugs) and entering the world of truth and honor.

My conventional self wants to witness no weakness, because after all they are men and are supposed to be stronger, right?

Just a little nod to you men and a wish for all of you to find your truths and fight your ass off to win this badge of merit.

Boys Don’t Cry


The Cure

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