My Chip

I am holding a 21 year AA birthday chip. It is my badge of courage, my lucky charm, my experience, strength and hope. This symbol is so important to us. A metal coin filled with memories and hope for the future.

Last night I talked with one of the women I sponsor until 1:30 am. This time, she listened to my problems which I don’t usually share. I hope that my strife can help others, but even at this age of sobriety I feel like a child coming into the program doing her first step. I am so powerless over so many things and situations in this world.

Happy to have this little medallion chip to remind me that there are aspects of my life that I can control and to be grateful.


One Comment on “My Chip”

  1. Wren says:

    Thanks for telling me about your blog yesterday. This is such a personal topic, and one a lot of people don’t know enough about.
    By sharing your personal experience as a creative person who has chosen the sober lifestyle, I think you’ll be able to show a lot of people that it’s a good path to follow.
    Looking forward to reading more about your 90 meetings in 90 days journey.
    Congrats on achieving 21 years of daily sobriety, and cheering you on as you start the next 21!

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