Sober Punk

Hey, now that  is a combination of words!

My post punk band, played with TSOL and Minor Threat in the early 80’s and we heard that Minor Threat were “straight edge” meaning they didn’t use drugs or drink alcohol. That was mind-boggling to us, but  in my mind, even back when I was drinking, they deserved a certain kind of respect for having that kind of “self-control”.

TSOL reports to have sober members in their band as well to date.

What I have learned over the years is alcoholism isn’t really about self-control, but about choice and realization that it is a disease that can be cured by chosing to not take a drink one day at a time.

Self control takes a lot of energy. If one allows” instead of controls” the goodness to be in their lives, then every thing just falls into place.

Minor Threat

Straight Edge

TSOL True Sounds of Liberty

Here is a little something TSOL says on their Myspace site:

“Punk is more about fashion than function now, says Grisham, the central figure of this seminal band known as much for its political fervor as being at the forefront of the punk/goth movement.”

What is Punk?

A state of mind?

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