Cheeto meeting

My friend  and I frequent the noon, what we call the “Cheeto” AA meeting. Every day at noon, an AA man comes and puts Cheetos in paper coffee fllters and leaves them for the members of the AA club to snack on. I don’t eat many carbs, but we are SUCKERS for Cheetos!!!

So we go to that meeting a couple of times a week and have a few. Being sucked in by Cheetos is one way to get people (at least people like my friend and me)  to come to meetings.

Early in my sobriety I went to a meeting in midtown that always had cookies to eat and long couches I would fall asleep on.

I would just go to tons of meetings, because it felt safe there. Some times twice a day for about 7 years.

I didn’t know many sober punk people in the beginning, but then after a year, two of my band members followed me into AA.

Then we met loads of cool people over the years and it started to be really fun.

The suffering road to happiness is the only way for me. Never, never got that self- gratification happiness. I have always had to work for it and it tastes sweeter that way.

Check out this Elvis painting done with Cheetos.

One Comment on “Cheeto meeting”

  1. Roy says:

    I wondered what they were doing instead of smoking cigarettes these days!

    And I relate — for some of us it’s the suffering way, sigh.

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