Love is a Bitch

Last Valentine’s day, my dog passed away and I with the care of our wonderful veterinarian, put her to sleep in our home.

She lay in my arms as she left this Earth and I was alone with her, as it was meant to be.

This dog was a rescued Golden Retriever. The dogs I rescued, that I did not know their birth dates, I made Valentine’s day their big day.

A big love day for my gorgeous fur family.

So this year, I plan to make a huge celebration of life in memory of my grrl, her Birth and her Death Day.

Death and big stuff happens in sobriety and it is hard and sad and we all feel we will never get over our losses, but the truth is it is all how it is supposed to be. We lose, we win, we get hurt, we hurt others, our parents die, we lose a lover, our beloved pets pass away and it is just life after all.

Hanging on to loss and pain only dishonors what was beautiful and alive at one time.

So, my choice today is to celebrate and laugh and remember my sweet dog.

She only knew me sober. I had 9 years of pure love and joy with her.

And now there are other loves in my life and my heart remains open for them.

Had I been drinking, I could really wallow in my self-pity and loss,

but I have learned acceptance and that is the miracle of sobriety.

On the beach last February,my grrl and  (my very much alive, three-legged, one-eyed 2 year old puppy)

One Comment on “Love is a Bitch”

  1. ….a sweetie.
    The fur people give us so much happiness while they’re here, and leave warm memories behind when they pass on. True friends indeed.

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