You Got What I Want and I’m Gonna Get It

Alcoholics Anonymous is a program of attraction. Many times we have heard, “Stick with the winners.”

In meetings you will meet people who have a spiritual quality that you desire. That quality is some thing you want for yourself and so you hang out with that person and maybe he or she becomes your sponsor or it’s someone who just shares some cool wisdom or this person becomes a close friend and you both grow together spiritually. This is how the “WE” in AA works. From the first step, your first meeting to the 12th step where one becomes of service to others, it is all a big circle of give and take.

I want what you’ve got.

Don’t worry, wanting what others have in AA isn’t stalking. It is true admiration and respect.


One Way or Another

(I’m Gonna git cha)

It is a miracle really that any of us can get and stay sober.


I Want It ALL

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