Spring is here in Texas and we are So loving the sun… Loving the crazy birds singing all around here…Life begins to peak its head out of the sleeping earth.

Crazy Rodeo trail ride comes rolling in. Signs of hotness ahead in H-Town arise.

When we have resentments we are told to focus on all we have in our lives, not what we don’t have.

This creates a deep gratitude in our hearts.

So many times we forget how incredible it is to be alive and to be aware of all the super great gifts.

We get bogged down in what we can’t control.

Some of us participate with online gratitude lists that we share everyday.

I don’t always write a list every day and send it, but there are 45 people on the list I am on.

We reply all and each send an email of what we are grateful for throughout the day.

I am constantly reminded that I have nothing to complain about.

Great tool!

Daily gratitude is like chemo is to cancer for an addict. You need to do it to survive.

My sponsor says Great-Full.

So grateful for so much today.

Life is an amazing gift.

Nick Cave

Into My Arms

One Comment on “Grateful”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you, i so needed this message this morning! sibling rivalry at my age? how ridiculous. my life’s great.

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