Spunky Devil

Day 57 of doing 90 AA meetings in 90 days. Having a GREAT time meeting new people and going to meetings all over town.

When I got sober I really thought, “My life is over.”

When I gave up alcohol 21 years ago I thought, “What fun is this? No one I know is sober.”

When I gave up sugar three years ago, I thought, “Is there life after refined sugar?”

Yes, I have happily survived living without those things.

In Tarot, the card that signifies addiction, is the Devil.

The Devil means  BONDAGE TO THE MATERIAL WORLD   Yikes!!

This could be addiction to anything, but it can also mean bondage to an emotion:

Rage, worry, jealousy, anger, fear, disappointment, guilt, remorse, envy, romantic love, sadness all can be an obsession.

Anything can be used to keep us from the positive power we can tap into.

Addiction can make us do crazy things.

It isn’t easy of course. Courage and energy are involved to get sober or to give up an obsession or an addiction, but it starts with the first step.

“We admitted we were powerless over____ and our lives have become unmanageable.”

One has to be aware their behavior is an addiction.

The people being held captive by the Devil are not really chained. They have choice.

I never thought being sober was cool, but it is great to be able to think and accomplish and communicate and actually finish our ideas.

The physical world : Working out, running, sex and just getting the day done physically is way better and FUN!

Many perks to living the sober life.

I am more of a little Devil than ever…but in a good way.


Big Boys 1982

You don’t understand what we are trying to say
you don’t listen to us anyway
all of this, is just for fun
we ain’t here, to hurt no one

fun fun fun
that’s what we say
fun fun fun
that’s what we play
fun fun fun
no matter what they think
fun fun fun
who asked em’ anyway

im a punk, and i like sham
cockney rejects, are the worlds greatest band
but I like joy division, and public image too
thery’re an image of what im suppose to be

One Comment on “Spunky Devil”

  1. Wren says:

    Congrats as you progress to your goal!
    It sounds like you are enjoying some new insights along the way. 🙂

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