Is Your Higher Power Big Enough For You?

Is your Higher Power Big Enough for you or are you still running the show?

Are you still a perfect example of self-will run riot?

When we choose to do as we wish in our lives, with no regard for any one but ourselves, we cannot feel any Higher Power.

EGO=Edging God Out

We expect to feel our Higher Power around us helping us and doing for us and when nothing happens, we ask, “Why isn’t God helping us?”

The truth is, We should be serving our Higher Power, not asking for what we think should happen.

The Power is there for us, but sometimes it does not turn out how we think it should be.


But still we pray and ask and wish for things to be granted to us, expecting the big hand to come down and do it for us and give us what we want.

Putting one foot in front of the other, taking the next step, trusting our inner conscience, doing the next right thing is our only solution.

Only then will we feel it in our lives.

My Higher Power has a sense of humor. I could not have gotten sober without being able to get mad at it, yell at it and act silly without a relationship that’s super playful and fun!

Dandy Warhols


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