Romancing the Drink

I used to think I was extremely charming and funny and smart when I drank. Alcohol gave me a false sense of fabulousness, when in reality I was super obnoxious and looked pretty freaking bad.

Drinking too much can make our skin all puffy and ugly and can make one act like a total creep.

The false sense of power it gave us was intoxicating by itself.


The gorgeous stem ware that held the expensive aged wines, the tinkling of the Hi-Ball glasses, sitting by an old typewriter pretending to be Daschiell Hammett, the drunken nights burning down the hot man and bringing him home with you, only to find he is not so hot when you wake up with the loser the next day.

Oh yeah, this is all so romantic.

If you can have a few drinks or smoke a little pot now and then and even eat junky every once in a while …Hey! More power to you, but we addicts think if one is good, a million is better. We don’t have that luxury.

So, our best defense is to not take the first drink.


I’ll drink bitter wine
I’ll eat humble pie
I’ll do all this
For some peace
I’ll do all this for peace of mind

Can we trust each other?
I’m not your keeper

No farewell sister

Bitter Wine


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