Chinaberry Sidewalks

Reading Rodney Crowell’s memoir Chinaberry Sidewalks. This is a fantastic account of Houston’s history in the 50s. Magnolia Gardens ( a concert in the park by the Trinity river ) is near the area where my family grew up. Magnolia was famous because Elvis played there. It is rich with our south-east warmth and memories.

My God child sent me this book from NYC for Valentine’s Day. I think my girl is a little homesick.

This song Telephone Road brings back memories of the 60s when Telephone road was famous for its pressure cooker bars. ( She put the roast in the pressure cooker after sitting drinking in the Telephone Road bars all afternoon. Just in time to get dinner on the table for hubby )

We are quickly approaching hurricane season… Ah! the memories!

Rodney Crowell

Telephone Road

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