When I first got sober my mind was so jumbled I could barely listen to music. My father was a musician, an untreated alcoholic who died at 52 years old, but I am so lucky to have an amazing step father who is still alive. I am so grateful that I got sober and can really honor having a wonderful, present father in my life.

My musician father gave me the gift of music.

I grew up on jazz and music always being played in our house, I came to love all types of music.

In these blogs, I try to include music that has inspired me through out my life.

At 13, I was already listening to FM and what is now called alternative music. I am drawn to strange syncopation and out of the ordinary beats and lyrics that leave the listener with a question of what they meant.

Some of the music I adore is harsh, loud and hard and cuts through a nice day at the park.

Music saved me. Playing in bands in the 80s and communicating with others saved me too. I am blessed with inspirational female musicians in my bands and hot male drummers.

In my past, alcohol had me and when I gave it up, I had to rearrange my thoughts re-train myself to hear. It was hard to give up my hunger for music, but I just couldn’t hear or concentrate for a few years.  I listened to popular “alternative” and lost focus on the coolest bands that were coming out of the garages.

But, today I am back, playing music and so happy. Funny when you let go, the thing you let go of comes back 7 fold.


Learning about what I missed in the 90’s has been amazing.

So many great bands now!! and we are so lucky to have SXSW in Texas and get bands from all over playing in our state in the spring time. This year is the 25th anniversary. Houston gets the overflow bands. (Bands that have gas money to drive down and play here) SXSW shows are short showcases about 15 minutes long so it’s more fun to see a real show here and not battle the crowds. Still all that energy in one place is super exciting.

In the 80s, we had so many more options, because we were out in the streets, out all night in live music clubs and really physically being part of the music scene, but sadly with internet and social media, the live music shows are less attended and more left to listening on YouTube..

With that said.

Here is one of my new faves that I missed…

From Denton

White Drugs

I Hate Your Face

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