Day 72

On my 90 in 90 AA meetings journey, it’s day 72.

I am really getting how important it is to go to meetings.

In the beginning of my AA recovery I went to so many meetings. For seven years I sometimes went to two meetings a day. I developed many sober friendships. It set a sturdy foundation for me.

After those seven years, I then began to slack off and do one or two meetings a week. One year, I even tried to not go to meetings at all and that was a really bad experiment. I wanted to see if I could do it with out meetings. I didn’t want to be addicted to meetings. I stayed sober, but I began to feel really disconnected. During that time, when I saw my sober friends, I felt a certain longing for closeness, some one who related. I didn’t realize I was longing for the connection to my Higher Power. I had lost a conscious contact with my spiritual self and I really have to be vigilant and conscious to get through a day.  The energy coming from the AA group is what I want to connect  to more than any thing. That energy is the basis of life for me.


Not an easy task to carve out time every day for an AA meeting on a daily basis. I wonder how I did it in 1990?

Hell, we carved out plenty of time to get drunk in bars!

The gifts of sobriety are amazing.

One thing I get from being sober, is follow through…When I say I’m gonna do something, I fucking DO IT!!!

Ya.. that is a great gift… Putting your money where your mouth is.

I said I was gonna do 90 meetings in 90 days and I am doing it so far..One day at a time..

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