Full Moon

I love the moon!!    
The full moon in Virgo is a good time to rid ourselves of anything useless in our lives. Cleaning house comes to mind.

Mebbe you got some serious stupid you need to let go of…

The moon is closer to the earth than it has been in 18 years. Very Cool!

Tomorrow morning 9:10 am in Texas is the full moon.

This year’s Virgo Full Moon is on March 19th, 2011. It’s exact at 11:10 am Pacific, 2:20 pm Eastern and 6:10 pm London/GMT. For Aussies in Sydney, it’s Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 5:10:00 AM.

Things, situations, relationships that don’t work, character defects, any thing that is just not working, let it go! and get ready for a new start with the new moon on New Moon on April 3.

No longer sweeping our emotions under the rug, this is a time to shed and resolve any troubling issues.

Let Go and Let your Higher Power take the reins!

Brian Eno 2010

Slow Ice Old Moon

On March 19th, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east at sunset.
It’s a super “perigee moon”–the biggest in almost 20 years.
Famous people with Moon in Virgo:
Clive Owen, Madonna, Ingrid Bergman, Bill Cosby, Mel Gibson, Shirley Maclaine

The Moon in Virgo is uniquely aware of the physical side of life. This is reflected in their grasp of the details, and a desire to continually tweak the daily routine for maximum benefit. For them, the routine is the thing, and many are admired for their consistent discipline from day to day.

Those with Moon in Virgo are happiest when at home in their own skin, which so often comes from having a healthy regimen. But this goes beyond exercising to include things like solitary walks to clear the mind, and time spent writing in a journal.

When the Moon is full in Virgo, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Pisces.

Virgo is a mutable sign, known for flexibility, physical sensitivity and the ability to adapt. Virgo is an earth sign that is realistic, process-oriented, analytical and health-conscious.

Full Moon in Virgo: finding the order in chaos; refinement of the daily routine; purification; health & wellness; sincere effort; the desire to live with purpose; a devotion to duty and service; bringing healing to the dis-eased; purifying what’s toxic.

This Full Moon illuminates: ailments of the mind-body-spirit that need attention; the steps to technically mastering a skill; the search for the craft in an artform; detoxification of the body.

It’s a Good Time to:

  • Map out the steps toward a goal, with daily routine in mind.
  • Spend time alone, like taking a walk or reading.
  • Resolve to be a born again virgin, and make sex sacred again.
  • Take steps to improve your diet, cutting out toxins.
  • Spend time caring for a child, the elderly or an animal in need.
  • Set aside time each day to practice toward a goal.
  • Organize your desk, garage, closet, bookshelf.
  • Write letters or postcards.
  • Take care of business that involves fine print.
  • Research or edit
  • Attend a literary event.

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