Lowering our Standards

“My life was falling apart faster than I could lower my standards.”

Many of us live with abuse and dishonesty. We go back into situations out of desperation or stay in what feels comfortable and “familiar,” but is not what we would choose for ourselves.

We “Settle.”

We lower or standards and live in fear or frustration and mistrust. We live in situations where our needs are not being met, because we are afraid. Maybe we feel so bad about ourselves that we think this is all we deserve.

We keep saying to ourselves, “It’s not that bad yet. I haven’t gotten a DUI yet. Everyone is entitled to one, right?” and we keep drinking or maybe we stay with some one who is abusive or emotionally unavailable, until we are doing something that we told ourselves we would never do.

The solution is clear, but we won’t face our fear. We think our lives are over if we let go of what is keeping us imprisoned.

In AA, we learn to face our fears and with that comes a resurgence of self esteem. Our lives improve and we find peace.

Getting sober takes honesty, taking care of ourselves takes courage. Pretending it will all go away on its own or it’s not that bad is just a way to fool ourselves, so we don’t have to change any thing. If we take action and change our lives,  our high standards return and we can face whatever happens with courage and strength. We can sleep well at night with a clear conscience and look people in the eye.

Sobriety rocks! Sanity Rocks!

Love These GRRLS!



Question My Sanity

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