Let’s take a moment to give thanks to one of ours who has passed today.

Elizabeth T.

Long live you Liz in our hearts.


Gratitude is a word we hear a lot at Thanksgiving, but grateful is a word AA uses constantly to remind us where we came from.

When the world is a crazy mess,
we can stop for a moment and “Smell the roses”
(My mom used to say that.)
The roses in my life are perfectly imperfect.
It’s nuzzling a crazy, uneven, puppy’s fur and cherishing the small moments.
Today, imperfect life is “perfect” all the way around.


Just sayin’…

Trampled Rose

Robert Plant and Alison Krause

(Written by Tom Waits. Just a terrific song)

Long way going to
Get my medicine
Sky’s the autumn grey of a lonely wren

Piano from a window played
Gone tomorrow, gone yesterday

I found it in the street
At first I did not see
Lying at my feet
A trampled rose

Passing the hat in church
It never stops going around

You never pay just once
To get the job done

What I done to me,

I done to you
What happened to the trampled rose?

In the muddy street
With the fireworks and leaves

A blind man with a cup I asked
Would he sing ‘Kisses Sweeter Than Wine’

I know that rose,
Like I know my name
The one I gave my love,
It was the same
Now I find it in the street,
A trampled rose

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