Are You Terminally Unique?

Are you exotic?

Are you special?

Are your problems of the nature that no one can ever understand?

When you were born did they break the mold?

Are you sure no one understands you and your specialness?

“These people are nothing like me, I never went to jail, lost my job or lived under a bridge. I have nothing in common with any one in AA.

These people are nothing like me, they’ve never been to jail, lost a job or lived under a bridge. How can they understand my unique problems? “

Terminal uniqueness has its roots in addictive thinking. It is the voice that keeps us drinking or using or addicted to whatever sure that no one understands us. It’s a voice that protects the addiction, a voice that is denial.

If you want to stop drinking and have attended AA, but feel like no one understands you, go to another 12 step meeting and if you don’t like it, go to another and another. It may not be for you, but keep an open mind and you may see that the people at meetings are a lot more like you than you thought.

We are all unique in our make up, but we are alike in addiction, if we can find the common ground.
How About Orange?

The Pretenders

Brass in Pocket 1979

One Comment on “Are You Terminally Unique?”

  1. bird says:

    what you say about people thinking that they are “special” and “misunderstood” is so true and well put. to me, we are all special and unique, and at the same time, we are commonplace and just one of so many. The visual of the snowflakes really works. yes, we are all different, but we are all essentially human–and one of many snowflakes.

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