Alley Cat

Crazy Luck to have been born with a musician for a father. My father’s birthday was this month. He would have been 85.

I grew up with music filling my life. I was playing drums as a two-year old on stage with my dad.

I began piano at age 5 and learned to play really fun songs like Alley cat, written by Bent Fabric. My piano teacher taught me classics, but my Dad’s best friend taught me all the cool songs like Alley cat. He owned a supper club/piano bar. As a child, I spent a lot of time doing dinner and music with them.

My dad’s best friend and my dad were periodically getting checked into the VA hospital for treatment of alcoholism and once my dad’s best friend hit a hole in one on the golf course there. He never told any one about his grand accomplishment, except close friends and family, because he was ashamed that he was there for recovery from alcoholism.

Now, times have changed and recovery from addiction is a welcomed supported path, but back then alcoholics were only thought of as people in the gutter, not people who may have lived in affluent households. Shame keeps people sick.

My dad’s best friend died very young from complications of alcoholism, as did my father.

RIP my dear kindred spirits and thank you for the music…

Alley Cat

Bent Fabric

He goes on the prowl each night Like an alley cat Looking for some new delight Like an alley cat She can’t trust him out of sight There’s no doubt of that He just don’t know wrong from right Like an alley cat He meets them And loves them And leaves them Like that Catsanova does That’s no way to treat a pal She should tell him Scat! Aren’t you sorry for that gal And her alley cat? He meets them And loves them And leaves them Like that Catsanova does He don’t know what faithful means There’s no doubt of that He’s too busy makin’ scenes Like an alley cat And that’s the sad, sad tale of a lonesome quail And her alley cat.

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  1. South Beach says:

    Came across your site yesterday when I was surfing, but I’m not really into the blog scene

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