The Chairs

Sometimes, I look around the rooms in AA and I am amazed at how we unruly addicts have come together in some times dank and crowded little rooms sitting on folding, uncomfortable chairs or on the floors or on the tops of cabinets and I just melt.

The faces in the rooms are there without veneer, with much fear, with much courage, with much sadness and with much hope.

Some rooms are nicer, cushy-er than others. Churches grant us rooms with little rent and some have taken the initiative to start AA clubs.

The main thing is to KEEP COMING BACK and stay with us!

You are home.

Instructions for Chairing an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Prepare for the AA meeting by studying the topic, if there is one set. Make sure everyone in the group understands the topic. Prepare some words to open the discussion and provide a context for it. A chair can set the tone for the meeting and steer it towards some enlightened sharing. Think of a topic before you get to the meeting if the group has not provided you with one. At many open meetings, the chair will call for a topic. If no one suggests a topic, the chair should use one of the numerous AA topic suggestions for the discussion. Follow the format of the group. Each Alcoholics Anonymous group has decided how it wants the meeting run and provides a written format to the chair. Respect those wishes and do not deviate.Pass out the various readings before the meeting starts.  Ask for volunteers to share once all the preliminary steps have been taken, as prescribed on the format. If no one volunteers, either call someone by name to speak or choose a person by pointing and perhaps referring to whatever color shirt the person is wearing. Close the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on time; follow the schedule in the format.

Stay with Me  1971

The Faces

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