Puppy Love

I have a crazy puppy dog. Two years old and bursting with energy.

This morning was so gorgeous. A one year old, 80 lb. puppy came  to visit us this morning and there is nothing like our pool or the beach  for two crazy water dogs! 

Wet puppies shaking water all over us and the warmth of the sun!

I am so lucky to have had so many dogs in my life. I usually have two at a time and that is amazing fun. Right now I have this girl I have raised from 6 weeks old as she was  born with out a litter, an only puppy. So, she came here early in life.

The sun is amazing in central Texas and down here near the coast it is hotter earlier than most of Texas. The humidity is so great for our skin and hair. 82 degrees today moving toward the beloved 100 degree and  above drench of our region.

I look to what I have, not to what I don’t have these days, a gift from AA and from the amazing courage and strength of my puppy.

What I get in a meeting today, I hold to my heart.
There is absolutely no other relationship as important as that with my Higher Power.

And from there comes my love for every thing and every one else and vice versa.

Every thing Reminds me of my Dog

Jane Sieberry

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