Cross Addicted

Sometimes we get sober, but we still engage in addictive behavior. Sometimes we are not alcoholics, but we have addictive behavior. We have a big hole we need to fill that feels empty and hopeless. Our needs aren’t getting met. So we find something that makes us feel better, but sadly this is only a temporary fix. We try to fill our empty hole with shopping, running our bills up, hoarding, controlling others in the guise of “caring”, guilting, over-working, being really busy, maybe we over eat or we lie to ourselves and others or we participate in a hopeless relationship because we feel we don’t deserve any better. Gossiping, raging, stalking, bullying others. The list of addictive behavior is endless. All of this because some thing inside of us feels out of control and empty. Our needs aren’t getting met so we “act out.”

We blame others when we should be looking at ourselves and our part in the situation.

What is missing?

Lack of Power was our dilemna.

There is a solution…!!

Higher power yourself.. Go for it…

I was told all I need to know about a Higher Power is that I’m not it.

We “Came to Believe” that no human power could provide a defense from the first drink or addiction. We accepted with an open mind that this defense might come from a Higher Power of our choice.

Some use the AA group as their Higher Power. Seeing how a belief in a Higher Power (something greater than ourselves) was working in other’s lives got our attention. Friendships and family came back together, obsessive behavior stopped and people’s lives actually changed for the better! We began to help others and not think about our lacks.

Higher Power, Higher Love!

I realized I deserved all the happiness and success that the good of the world offers.

This doesn’t mean I win the lottery or become famous or get the partner of my dreams. It just means I accept the peace and success of every day life. I concentrate on what I have not what I don’t have. I allow my Higher Power to fill me and I do the will of what is best for me one day at a time.

I Could Be Happy 1981

Altered Images (Scottish)

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