My Higher Power is a Coyote

Why? Why? Why? must the universe constantly play tricks on me. I have such great plans and then “Pow! Right in the kissa,” with some crazy brick wall I run into.

Sometimes it is really hard to do life. I have plans and they seem really good and then find out that those plans were not what my Higher Power intends for me, that there is something else I should be doing, someone else I should be with, somewhere else I should be living, that serves my Higher Power better than the plans I come up with.

This little voice that give me the wisdom to know the difference is what I constantly have to be on alert to follow.

It will guide me to what is best for all of us and where I should be, but hey, it’s hard to hear when I’m so dead set on making it go my way.

Sometimes it looks crazy, like the worst thing for me when I am going through it, but if I listen earnestly and follow my gut I always end up on my feet.

Every one has their own path, their own Higher Power.

A deeper letting go…

Tricky Little Coyote…


Making Plans For Nigel  1979


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