Since I have become sober, I have gotten more clear and enjoy life more in so many ways. I have amazing coincidences that some may say are psychic. I have read tarot cards since I was twelve years old. At times I feel some thing is going to happen and it does or I think of someone and then they call or I see them or a weird phenomena happens, an incident, and I know it is a message, a sign to protect me or let me know truth.

It only happens when I’m willing to see, willing to listen, willing to believe and have faith. I guess this is how people believe in God in church.

Still not an exact science. I still get fucked over and still twist life to suit me at times.

I grew up believing in love.

God was love in my family. I had very little traditional church experience, but I always believed there was something that was good that helped me and loved me. I didn’t think I was worthy. Now it has turned into a faith that all will work out one way or another if I just go along with what my inner self says, that voice that tells the truth.

Now this all may sound airy-fairy, hippy-dippy, but of course, intuition is age-old.

I find spending time in quiet helps. Being an only child, I am so easily alone. Too much alone, not so much, but quiet is different.

Computers, phones, texts and our busy lives in general cloud the purity of intuition.

So many of us are out of touch.

Addiction in any form blocks our ability to know truth.

Un-Hooking from electronics a little more these days has been amazing for getting in touch.

Psychic TV

Stolen Kisses 1982 (I absolutely love and relate to this song)

Enter the tiny room, watched by scepters,

hope and happiness playing trumpets, 
dog swimming in heavy water
For the glory of gloom, 
dark songs on sunlight flower.
Enclosed in your skin.
All perfection spent in your arms.
Stolen kisses
In retrospect this beauty is, "What you see."
The second part, the move, "Is me."
Onwards and upwards,
the prize is the game to come.
And there's nothing to miss
in the laughter and tears of love.
There always are difficult moods,
yet sensual bonds of obsession.

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