I love surprises. I never want to know what a movie is about before I go see it. I love how Alfred Hitchcock put himself in the first few minutes of his movies and shows the viewer the murder weapon right away. It is right in front of our eyes!!! The mystery is already solved before you even begin to see the movie, yet it takes the whole film to figure out the plot and ending. Super Genius!

One of my fave movie appearances is in Dial M for Murder in which Mr. Hitchcock appears in a class reunion photo.

I love to stay up late and watch old re-runs of Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone.

Mystery makes life interesting. If we knew every thing that was going to happen it would be pretty freakin’ boring.


Who are the Mystery Girls?

“She called him a dirty liar. She knew he was a liar when he started claiming that he was an astronaut.”

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