It’s gorgeous!! We sat outside eating at a food truck last night in the warm air. The truck is owned by two sober guys who are hilarious. It is amazing to watch newly sober people take control of their lives and live happily. Really cool, hanging out after a meeting with sober people on the street. Last night had that true Texas feeling. It is laid back and getting that summer feeling here. Easter is a funny time for me. ¬†Traditionally not religious, but I did join my cousins at church as a child. I never really understood the whole passion play thing until I got older. Jethro Tull or Peter Gabriel… Just knew it was sad and scary, the man on the cross bleeding. Easter was all about scratchy crinoline dresses and Easter hats and sitting in church all uncomfortable. But after we got to hunt for stinky, boiled, colored eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.

Today a little time with family and sitting in the sun reading and feeling the softness of the day. Grateful…


Lips Like Sugar

One Comment on “Easter”

  1. juanda says:

    Thank you for all the thought provoking posts, you wild and crazy girl you….

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