And On and On…

It’s really super hard to stand by and watch some one you love struggle with addiction or some other form of spiritual sickness.

I am such a fixer, that I want to get in there and make it all better for whoever is going through the storm.

I can only fix myself…

Life is so short. The older I get, the more I get it.

The death of Bin Laden, a historical moment in time.

The world keeps spinning and justice is done.

The Byrds 1965

Turn Turn Turn

One Comment on “And On and On…”

  1. Wanda says:

    I have always loved this song, originally written by the portest singer Pete Seeger in 1959. The words are taken from a poem in the Book of Ecclesiastes (with the exception of the last line, A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late).

    My favorite Pete Seeger quote: “I still call myself a communist, because communism is no more what Russia made of it than Christianity is what the churches make of it.”

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