A Good Listener

Before I came into the rooms of AA, I could not listen at all to what any one had to say. I have to work very hard at keeping my mouth shut and my ears open. Always right, I blamed every one else for my choices. Letting go of the outcome was not an option.

Once I heard, “Did I want to be “right” or happy?”

I would go to any length to make you responsible for my happiness and my unhappiness.

Today I know I can choose to be still and listen, to put blame where blame is due. Judging about who was right or wrong in situations is a big waste of energy. I go where my gut leads me, because I have learned to listen. This doesn’t always look “normal  on the outside by normal” standards. There are basic rules I have set for myself in life, but basically there are no rules to how life “should” be.

We cease reacting to situations and listen.

It always amazes me to see an unruly bunch of alcoholics sit quietly in a meeting taking turns speaking and really listening each other.

On top of that we are sober which is a real miracle.

Johnny Thunders

Baby Talk 1977

Well baby walk and baby talk
baby let me baby talk to you
Well I don’t mind baby anytime
You and me baby tonight’s alright

Well I dont mind
I don’t mind
tonight’s alright

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