We all have our challenges. Challenges that are small or big, important or not so important.

Whatever we are challenged by, we all face the same solution.

We have to muster up the courage to face up to reality and take a step to being honest with ourselves. The thing I love about AA is, we try to stay in solution. Even if it moves really slow and it looks like there is no end to our problems, if we just take a little step towards facing reality and doing some thing about it, we will eventually be free.

“A life unexamined is not worth living.” Socrates

I take some of my problems minute by minute, second by second, breathing into my fear and making choices that are truly hard.

I have learned to be patient and trust that if it is meant to be it will be. I have learned to take action and not live in fantasy world. That part sucks sometimes, but I don’t have the luxury of shopping it, eating it, drinking it or drugging it away.

The language of letting go and the language of honesty to myself has been the best solution for me.

I may not be doing what others think is best for me, but I am doing what my intuition says is best, even if it looks really stupid.

I am so lucky I got it early in my life, that blacking out and trying to drink away my problems just make it all worse.

Bloated and hung over. Not too pretty.

Following my intuition is never wrong.                   

To Thine Own Self Be True

Roky Erikson

True  Love Cast Out All Evil 2010

One Comment on “Challenges”

  1. k says:

    yall have really been hitting home for me with your post…….i have 4 months tomorrow….the most iv put together other than child birth…..and that was only for one of them….in 30 + years…..i want to thank you for writing everyday…..god is speaking to me directly through you….reaching out is hard….iv been reclusive as we all have for so many years…… you for your authentic daily posts…….they are not wasted on me…love and light

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