Some of you have told us that you dig Sober Driver because it is so real.

Well, you can’t get more real than a big surge of good old-fashioned ANGER!  and facing up to it in a grown up way.

ANGER Wikipedia

I get so fucking mad some times. I have learned to not allow my anger turn into rage, but it is a very disruptive emotion. Cursing helps and talking it out with the person who pissed me off helps too, but no matter what, this feeling looms in my life. It permeates and weaves its ugliness through me. This is especially hard when there is nothing, nothing, nothing I can do about the situation. I can’t change the government, except to vote. I can’t stop lazy people from doing a bad job or ripping me off or cheating me. I can’t stop you from trying to micro-manage me.  I can’t stop telemarketers from calling me. I can’t stop  you from living in fantasy land. I can’t stop people from lying. I can’t stop you from your obsessive behavior. Stalkers from stalking me. Bad drivers almost killing me. I can’t stop people from chosing the material world over the spiritual. I can’t stop any thing. I am only one person who has no power over anyone or anything, but myself.

I chose to be at peace with all the stupid shit around me. I try not judge, but when there is so much stupid around, I can’t help but notice.

People are imperfect and the world is a huge mess…

There, I Fixed It

I can only fix myself.

I have my Higher power to count on and this gets me through, although some times I barely squeak by.

The good news is, I am strong because of my relationship with HP. I get that BIG TIME.

But I just gotta say, “FUCK…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Youth Brigade


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