Addicted to Love?

Can some one really be addicted to love? Because true love is something so rare, how can a person be addicted to it?

I think some times a person is addicted to winning or addicted to owning or controlling another person, but addicted to love?

Hmm, that just doesn’t make sense.

Can a person be addicted to their emotions?

I see how a person can be in such fear of losing another person and the fear of being alone that they cling like a cling on.

I understand that, but does love apply here?

I see how a person stays in a bad relationship out of guilt, but love is done by that time, that’s not love, so addicted to love doesn’t make sense.

Being in love doesn’t mean being a door mat…Loser..

Being in love doesn’t mean you are constantly compromised or your trust is broken over and over.

That’s not even a good friendship.

Compromising in Relationships

Just saying…

The Cure

Friday I’m in Love

Urban Dictionary Define True Love

2 Comments on “Addicted to Love?”

  1. k says:

    you always say what i need….struggling and controlling instead of trusting,,,,, trust….in what …..higher power or loving commitment……people are human….there is no way out….pain is involved….there is no way out……yes……im fucking pissed today….at love and self…..seeking strength……..and pissed you always hit the mark……

    • Sober Driver says:

      K, your honesty helps me tremendously! People are all on different levels of spiritual growth. Even when we love each other so fiercely and totally, we still have to honor each other’s path and that may mean letting go to let the other person grow and heal. If it is meant to be we will find our way back to each other. I truly believe that and that is why we can let go and trust God. SD

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