Some days are just so perfect. Laughter, love, creativity, all the little joys of life. Staying in the moment, because we know these days end and right “now” is all we have. Perfection isn’t a diamond ring or tons of roses or your boss giving you a raise or your kid graduating. It is the process of how we got we there and being on that wave crest of gratitude and joy for that second in time. The stumbles, the blockages, the pain of trudging the road of happy destiny is all about the perfect moment.

Our tendency is to focus on the negative. Reading the news and the gossip will send us over the edge. We grumble like pirates at anything we don’t agree with. We hang onto our out-dated beliefs, relationships, ideas and situations that don’t work any more.

Loads of broken junk fill our lives.

It’s hard to stop the habits of disappointment and fear. We want to hurt and punish those we “love” (what kind of love is that?), get revenge on the cashier at the grocery store who was rude to us, whatever, whoever hasn’t been perfect in our lives must pay.

So, how does this relate to being sober? We think perfection is about acceptance, the Third step. Being where we are right now and accepting it.

We can’t control it. We didn’t cause it and we can’t cure it.

But then, there are those “perfect” days when, who cares!? We are happy right now…in the mess of life.

DJ Shadow

Midnight in a Perfect World

T’is fat…

Insight, foresight, moresight,
The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight

You came into the garden of mine, ahh…
Life came seeking for love, for love

Midnight, midnight, midnight, midnight

By darker falls
The midnight rush
You came into the garden of mine, ahh…
Life came seeking for love, for love

One Comment on “Perfection”

  1. juandalee says:

    When your life situation is all you know about yourself then you miss life. You may be very good at dealing with your life situation, but you miss life. You never really get anywhere. Life is now, not in the doing. ~Eckhart Tolle~

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