I am crazy about the Showtime drama, Nurse Jackie. I’ve watched it from inception. She is a drug addicted, married with children nurse and is doing the pharmacist at the hospital where she works to get drugs. Played by Edie Falco.

I keep wondering if she will ever hit bottom, get caught or if she is a bullet proof tank.

Anyways, it’s a great series. If you get a chance to watch it this summer, I highly recommend.

Seasons One and Two are out on video.

One Comment on “Nurse”

  1. K-tell says:

    ok sister nurse jackie rocks my world….i love that show and have also watched every episode …….she is an amazing character……who seems to function completely…….while her shit is really all fucked up……the illusion that i can relate to…..everything looks fine….shes a great nurse wife mother…….while stealing meds not present with her child and cheating on her husband……all wrapped around her fix…..only in the movies will this work……

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