It Ain’t What it Ain’t


It isn’t,  it is what it is…

Fo’ real… it just ain’t…


You Ain’t Got No Nothing
You Ain’t Got No Nothing
You Ain’t Got No Nothing
You Ain’t Got No Nothing

Well You Tried To Honey
But You Were Afraid To
’cause, ’cause You Wanted To
But You, You Were Too Scared To
’cause You Really, You Really
You Really Didn’t Think You Should

Secrets and Skin

Every year we cycle around to our hot weather. Some stay inside and hibernate like bears in winter. Some ride bikes in Hotter than Hell races and all of us notice the change. Houston, known for our weather always being a “front”, if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes, it will change, does not apply wholly in the summer. We get weeks of straight up 100 degree days.

For me, it brings up images of rotating fans, attic fans,  cold, cold Dreamcicles, being half-clothed, tube tops, wild curly hair unruly from humidity and much glorious time to read and dream.

I always felt like I held many secrets in summer. Exploring the out doors, we coveted secret blackberry bushes on my Grandmother’s acreage that colored our mouths purple with the sweetness, skin like deep chocolate. Diving to the bottom of a cold swimming pool where the only sounds are sonar notes.

Summer never changes. Now, for me, it’s much the same. I love the sun and the heat and I am out in it almost every day.

This time is hard for city workers, those that work out doors. It’s difficult on animals and plants when we have no rain. Our Houston toad, almost extinct, suffers. Our elderly, with no air conditioning, are at risk. Yard dogs pant and cats hide under houses.

Yet, it’s beautiful, the brightness of the sun and the crisp, gorgeous heat warming every part of us.

Last summer, the sky was cloudy a lot. We had our beautiful lightning and summer thunder bolt shows in the sky, but this summer, so far has trumped many in the past with record heat and no rain.

It could make us grumpy and ungrateful and complaining.

Using the steps of the program is my secret to coping, accepting and changing what I can.

So, find a blueberry farm and go pick some berries, run through the sprinklers or go to a freezing cold movie theatre and chill.

Help another alcoholic.

Easy does it.

From my child hood

It’s A Beautiful Day

Hot Summer Day 1969

Humility and Hotness Delusion Syndrome

“To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.”
 Charles de Montesquieu

Sometimes life happens and gives us an opportunity to learn humility. There are photos and videos floating around on Facebook and some videos on the web that make me look just totally fugly, taken at times I was drunk, sick or out of shape or just had a icky face on. There is nothing I can do to remove those images. They just float about in cyber space.  But strangely I have been told that people really dig those images, because they are who I am at the time. So I just accept it and count it as a lesson in humility. Learning to accept me where I am and who I am right now and can look back on the past and let it be…

PUNK ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Besides do I really give a fuck what any one thinks of me?

(not really a humble statement)

I had a teacher once say, “I don’t care if you’re talking about me, at least you’re talking about me.”

Being humble is not an alcoholics forte.

Our strength in sobriety lies in learning the tools of a healthy spiritual life.

Humility or humbleness is a quality of being courteously respectful of others.

It is the opposite of aggressiveness, arrogance, boastfulness, and vanity.

In keeping with this thought, there is a new disease going around specified to men called Hotness Delusion Syndrome.

Hotness Delusion Syndrome, a term coined by Australian demographer Bernard Salt. According to Mr. Salt, some men are suffering from a highly inflated sense of attractiveness.

Where as an aging woman may look in the mirror and berate herself, an aging man may look in the mirror and see a super, hot guy when what is standing there is truly a not so hot, delusional man. It is a real disease. Sort of the flip side of body image dysmorphia.

Body Image and
Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Humility… whatevah…


Jump into the Fire


We love our Houston Summers!!  100 degrees, then we have hurricanes. It is super fun. But with all the fun, Sober Driver and contributing writers will be journeying throughout our beautiful USA this season. So, if our posts become erratic, just keep coming back. We appreciate you reading us. Thank you!!

What If This Was the Last day of Your Life?

What if this was the last day of your life? 

What would you change?

Who would you be with?

Who would you be talking with?

What would you be eating?

What music would you be listening to?

Where would you be?

Would you be stressed and too busy to enjoy the day?

Would you want to be living the way you do?

Life is short.

Too short to waste a moment.

You can’t expect to have a healthy relationship with an unhealthy person.

You can’t expect life to change if you are unwilling to change.

You can’t expect any thing from any body

Life is what we make it.

Make it big and real and great with lots of truth and happiness and FUN!






Young Marble Giants

Final Day

Keeping an Open Mind

“Keeping an open mind is a virtue,
but not so open that your brains fall out.”
 James Oberg

What I thought was really true and important has been proven over and over to me that I could be wrong about some ideas I have. I can change my mind and listen to the other side and generally I find another opinion has some truth and “rightness” to it. Having to be right all the time is a rigid and unpleasant way to go through life. Having to win all the time is extremely lonely. Most of the time when you let some one win, they get nothing, but an empty victory. So, let them think they won. Most people don’t want the truth anyway. They just want to gloat and feel power. That is the saddest to me the ones who feel so bad they have to feel a false sense of power to assure themselves. So, I am Super grateful for that humility, staying open minded and the ability to let go of it all and the outcome.


I am Right 

So tell me pretty baby, are you still talking bout yourself
You’re such a non-conformist, just like everybody else
And if you had a heart, tell me would you use it
And if you had a thought, I think you’d confuse it
And if you understood exactly what I’m saying
would you have the common sense to
Kiss My Ass
Cause I am right
I am right
I am right
I am right

I’d like to take your ego and crush it into a little ball
And then I’d take my baseball bat and knock it over the centerfield wall
Cause if you had a soul, I think you would sell it
and if you had a life, you’d serve your time in hell
Justice can be sweet, power is corrupting
So it would be my pleasure to have you
Kiss My Ass
Cause I am right
I am right
I am right
I am right

And if there was a god, I think she’d give her blessings
to every dirty deed, I would be confessing
So before I knock on heaven’s door please grant my last request
Would you be so kind as to
Kiss My Ass
Cause I am right
I am right
I am right
I am right

Exactly As It Is

Photo C. MacDonald

Grateful that everything is exactly as it is. The lessons from the world not going as I think it should, are immense.

The difference is, Now I have the lessons and what I do next will measure spiritual growth for me personally.

This is the hard part.

I know “I don’t wanna live in such grim. Don’t wanna lie and pretend.” NLL