The Real You

In Tarot, the card the Queen of Wands represents a woman who is completely herself. She has no pretense or phoniness about who she is.

She does not apologize or pretend to be some thing she is not. She doesn’t morph into what other people want her to be. She stands up for what she wants and who she is. She knows herself, her needs, her likes, her desires. She is completely herself in every way.

Sometimes in recovery we come from paths where we never got a chance to know ourselves. Our childhoods were about survival or taking care of alcoholic parents or siblings. Then we went into marriages or relationships and morphed into what our partners wanted us to be. We learned to survive like this. We are not at fault.

In recovery, we get an opportunity to get to know ourselves. We get to find out who were are. It’s an exciting journey.

Circle Jerks  1983

Golden Shower of Hits

One Comment on “The Real You”

  1. Keri says:

    empowerment..i wonder who i am

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