Prayer and Coffee

My friend, who is early in recovery, wrote to me,

“Prayer and coffee helps.”

I love the simplicity of that thought, an easy morning without news or anything that distracts us from communing with the nothingness of the morning.

Being addicted to God sounds like a really impossible idea for some, but when we look at the state of our world and religion and all its rules and judgments, it is clear to me that we have some serious growing to do as humans.

Here is a blog that addresses the issues of Religious Addiction.

In AA we are given the Third step to explore a God of our understanding and that could be any thing!

As long as we know we aren’t it..!

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God”.

I’ve heard many funny concepts of God in AA, from ” God is a door knob”, to just using the group as a Higher Power to show us how to live sober.

It is a subject worth exploring.

For me, it is about knowing we are all one consciousness. We are all the breath of what we call God. If I’m going to Heaven, I want you to go too, because I can’t get there without you. But I can’t do it for you. Free will is a bitch.

So let’s wake up the fuck up and do it!! Work it!

God just isn’t just a pretty sunset…

or is it?

Dandy Warhols


One Comment on “Prayer and Coffee”

  1. Anonymous says:

    prayer and coffee……working on the 4th step….and reading the 12X12 on the step……its stomach churning to say the least…….i see why the 3rd is so dearly beloved…….i want more than my fair share……while gazing at the insecurities…….i really have to take stock in my assets……they are like a rock at the bottom of the ocean…….but im a deep diver……and must take stock at how loving and compassionate i truly am……a mother and friend…….a lover of god…….may i find him now……

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