Keeping an Open Mind

“Keeping an open mind is a virtue,
but not so open that your brains fall out.”
 James Oberg

What I thought was really true and important has been proven over and over to me that I could be wrong about some ideas I have. I can change my mind and listen to the other side and generally I find another opinion has some truth and “rightness” to it. Having to be right all the time is a rigid and unpleasant way to go through life. Having to win all the time is extremely lonely. Most of the time when you let some one win, they get nothing, but an empty victory. So, let them think they won. Most people don’t want the truth anyway. They just want to gloat and feel power. That is the saddest to me the ones who feel so bad they have to feel a false sense of power to assure themselves. So, I am Super grateful for that humility, staying open minded and the ability to let go of it all and the outcome.


I am Right 

So tell me pretty baby, are you still talking bout yourself
You’re such a non-conformist, just like everybody else
And if you had a heart, tell me would you use it
And if you had a thought, I think you’d confuse it
And if you understood exactly what I’m saying
would you have the common sense to
Kiss My Ass
Cause I am right
I am right
I am right
I am right

I’d like to take your ego and crush it into a little ball
And then I’d take my baseball bat and knock it over the centerfield wall
Cause if you had a soul, I think you would sell it
and if you had a life, you’d serve your time in hell
Justice can be sweet, power is corrupting
So it would be my pleasure to have you
Kiss My Ass
Cause I am right
I am right
I am right
I am right

And if there was a god, I think she’d give her blessings
to every dirty deed, I would be confessing
So before I knock on heaven’s door please grant my last request
Would you be so kind as to
Kiss My Ass
Cause I am right
I am right
I am right
I am right

One Comment on “Keeping an Open Mind”

  1. anon says:

    The more i think i know, the more i know i know nothing.

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