Secrets and Skin

Every year we cycle around to our hot weather. Some stay inside and hibernate like bears in winter. Some ride bikes in Hotter than Hell races and all of us notice the change. Houston, known for our weather always being a “front”, if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes, it will change, does not apply wholly in the summer. We get weeks of straight up 100 degree days.

For me, it brings up images of rotating fans, attic fans,  cold, cold Dreamcicles, being half-clothed, tube tops, wild curly hair unruly from humidity and much glorious time to read and dream.

I always felt like I held many secrets in summer. Exploring the out doors, we coveted secret blackberry bushes on my Grandmother’s acreage that colored our mouths purple with the sweetness, skin like deep chocolate. Diving to the bottom of a cold swimming pool where the only sounds are sonar notes.

Summer never changes. Now, for me, it’s much the same. I love the sun and the heat and I am out in it almost every day.

This time is hard for city workers, those that work out doors. It’s difficult on animals and plants when we have no rain. Our Houston toad, almost extinct, suffers. Our elderly, with no air conditioning, are at risk. Yard dogs pant and cats hide under houses.

Yet, it’s beautiful, the brightness of the sun and the crisp, gorgeous heat warming every part of us.

Last summer, the sky was cloudy a lot. We had our beautiful lightning and summer thunder bolt shows in the sky, but this summer, so far has trumped many in the past with record heat and no rain.

It could make us grumpy and ungrateful and complaining.

Using the steps of the program is my secret to coping, accepting and changing what I can.

So, find a blueberry farm and go pick some berries, run through the sprinklers or go to a freezing cold movie theatre and chill.

Help another alcoholic.

Easy does it.

From my child hood

It’s A Beautiful Day

Hot Summer Day 1969

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