The “We” of Alcoholics Anonymous

A member of AA sent this quote by Mark Twain to Soberdriver today.

The first word of the first step is “WE.”

So…there are exceptions, Mark.

“We” admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable.


It is “Fall” here.

Houston has its steamy season mixed wih crisp cool days of sun. Our sporadic rainclouds pepper the sky with hopes of welcomed rainfall.

As we travel the freeways, our windshield wipers dance with the raindrops and the sprinkling of mists.

Crazy, grackle birds invade us this time of year and live on our power lines. Their black forms against our azure sunsets are amazing.

Birds LOVE Houston!

We love this time of year in Space City. We are not threatened with hurricanes, storms or floods, drought or harsh cold weather. We can count on surviving the minor times of freezing temperatures. We are guaranteed a safe future for a few months.

In life, there are not many times we can look forward to constancy. Maybe that is why we welcome routine and order.

For all of us while growing up, things changed so quickly.

Some of us had severe changes, waiting for the other shoe to drop, not knowing what to expect.

Latch key kids, parents drinking, kids being shamed, beaten, left alone in danger..

We stayed close to the television watching Father Knows Best and Leave It To Beaver and wondered if that kind of life really existed.

So, today in these fall days when we feel we have it all, we feel safe and secure knowing all is well as the year’s end approaches.

Here is a GREAT Calendar Song by the Fall. WE love Mark E. Smith.

Hey – don’t you want – to be caught
Hey – don’t you want – to be caught
Unbrainwash – today
October – gives way – to Christmas
What gets in the way
It was a very – good – month – last week
What gets in the way
Your mirrors are dissolving today
The last – three weeks –
were the great month of February