It’s Getting Crowded in Here (Holiday Edition)

It’s Getting Crowded in Here  

From one of our Sober Driver New Contributors:       

Something about the holidays makes a lot of people from my past show up out of the blue.         

In my head.

Yeah, they all stop by to remind me about my past mistakes and to review my lack of achievments since then.  Old boyfriends, parents, siblings, grade school teachers, bosses, the stupid perfect neighbors, even the little old lady I flipped off while driving two weeks ago.  I mean, how can a fifth grade teacher threatening that I will never get into college if I don’t do my homework and an inappropriate professor show up in my head in the same day?

The old tapes just play over and over sometimes.  

A wise woman with a lot of time once said, “When I’m at home alone, it gets big and it gets real.”

My head is not my friend, especially during the holidays. 

 I stay in the rooms often, because after I’ve been at home alone too long, the critics come out to play.

Stay Connected

 The holidays can be so depressing.  Life has been so disappointing and discouraging at times, and there has a been a lot of loss for me.  I keep hoping to be like people who glow in meetings, saying, “And I’ve gotten it all back ten-fold”, or “the promises have come true in such a short amount of time”.

It seems like every time I share in a meeting lately people say, “Glad you’re here”. 


The trick is to stay connected to my sober support – call one sober person each day, keep my ass in the seat, call my sponsor and pet my dogs.  The holidays are hard.  But they’re not forever.  

Hang in there. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter how painful.

It won’t last forever.

One Comment on “It’s Getting Crowded in Here (Holiday Edition)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    seems i get so much sync from sober driver. just had this conversation with a killer sponsor. “im just too or im just not”.
    to much time in my head. where is my 7th. who’s in charge of this show anyway?
    remembering coming home from school in the 2nd grade so proud to tell my mom.
    today my teacher called me a nitwit.i was sure it was a term of endearment.
    on gift protest this year. all you get is my facinating company and heartfilled good wishes.
    read another anticonsumer the other day.”plastic chum”. using it as often as i can.
    meetings in order. ya think?
    i for one am soooo glad you are here.
    put one foot in front of the other, bring a pillow for my broken ass and find a chair.

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