A 4th Step at 25 Years Sober

Anyone can make bad choices and mistakes.

Some of us AA’s think that because we are sober, we are on some sort of highway of perfection.

The truth is if we were perfect we wouldn’t need a Higher Power, because we would be our own Higher Power.

No one is perfect.

We stumble around sober, being human living life imperfectly, stepping on toes, running away, being cruel or angry, hiding instead of keeping our promises, telling lies instead of living in the will of God.

We are imperfect creations of our own choices.

At some point the pain of lying to ourselves becomes too much to live with. This is the point we must come to a decision to live or die. Dying can take an awful long time if we chose to drink our guilt away. We strive for emotional sobriety as well as physical sobriety.

Choosing life sometimes is going to be shameful and embarrassing.  Telling the truth to ourselves and owning our part is the only way out of pain.

Sometimes we have to admit we are wrong.


it will be worth it.

The gift will be freedom, redemption, healing and love.

Pg.64-71 Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous


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