Common Bond

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…to be continued…

While I was connected almost entirely to the punk rock music scene in the 80s, Elton John was donning his gay apparel and playing and writing some really amazing music. Nothing alike in our approach to music and fashion, we share a common bond. I some times walk into a meeting and think the people there have nothing in common with me, but then we share our experience, strength and hope and realize we are the same.

I love gay AA meetings, because I get to see and be inspired by amazing courage. People getting sober despite of the prejudice and imbalance and unfairness of society. Getting sober in spite of being disowned by your own family and having serious illness and the courage still overcomes. Getting right-sized and humble saves us and why it works.

Hats off Elton!!

Your story took so much courage.

Elton John speaks of drug addiction days

Pop icon Elton John has talked of his darkest days addicted to drugs and alcohol, his most outrageous outfits and being disgusted at himself for not being able to operate a washing machine. 

John, 60, says his most self-destructive period came in the 1980s, a period which preceded him wearing such outfits as a Donald Duck costume on stage.

“The height of it, the showmanship, was probably the tour I did with the orchestra when I came on beforehand, and you know, the outfits were just beyond belief,” he tells Enough Rope with Andrew Denton in an interview to air on Monday night on ABC television.

“I mean punk hair-dos and punk wig, yellow pink hair, that was, you know, soon after that it was, you know, that was a pretty low time, even though the orchestral shows were fantastic in Australia.”

John lists getting sober among his life’s great achievements and talks about how he chose “boot camp” style rehabilitation rather than the luxury many celebrities favour.

“I really was at the end of my tether and so I really needed to wise up,” he tells Denton.

“I went away for six weeks to a hospital in Chicago, which wasn’t a fancy treatment centre. I read about Malibu places with televisions and swimming pools, I’m sorry, I don’t get it. When you have a severe problem like I had you didn’t … know how to live a life properly.”

He said with sobriety came his independence, something he hadn’t embraced since he became the superstar known as Elton John.

For a man renowned for his extensive wardrobe, it was just as well he says that he learned to operate a washing machine.

John says when he lived by himself for the first time he tried to adopt as “normal” a lifestyle as someone in his position could.

He says the breakthrough made him capable of an adult relationship with his now life partner David Furnish.

“I’ve come a long way … I now have a loving relationship with someone, (it) took me forty three years to find out how,” he says.

But not all days are rosy for the artist behind Crocodile Rock, Tiny Dancer and the hit musical Billy Elliott.

“I do have blue days but they’re very few and far between and I know how to cope with them so much better,” he says.

“I have a person to help me cope with them and I don’t run away and lock the door anymore. I use to run away into the bedroom and lock the door.”

Tom Waits

Mike Douglas Show 1977

False Pride Became the Reverse Side of the Ruinous Coin Marked FEAR

OK, Nuff of this heavy stuff.
It’s gorgeous here.
Life is super fun.
We got a fever and the
only thing we need is,
MORE COWBELL!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t Fear the Reaper
Blue Oyster Cult

Lucky Eleven

The Eleventh Step

“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”

I know, I know, More praying and God stuff, but don’t let the God stuff keep you from getting and staying sober.

It’s all about letting go of control and allowing a power greater than ourselves to work in our lives.
I love the instruction of the 11th step.
We are to Pray ONLY for the knowledge of our Higher Power’s will for US and the power to carry that out.

This means pray for US not just for yourself, so if you’re having a hard time with someone who has done you wrong, you are instructed to pray for the knowledge of the will of God for both of you.

This means you pray for this person to have what you would want for yourself.

Pray for the blessings of the good in the world for both of you.

Your Higher Power wants the best for both of you, for the rest of the world for that matter.

Our Higher Power wants peace, love, kindness, prosperity and all the good blessings for all of us.

This means you let go of all your hate and anger and retaliation and resentment and blame and bad mouthing and trying to hurt the other person and  pray for them as you would for yourself.

It’s like the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.


This is a good thing to practice


you can just sing this Godsmack song and call it a day…

I Fucking Hate You
For everything you do, I’d like to swallow you
And everyday I’m gonna blame you
Even if you justify every fucking bullshit lie
It only makes me want to break you

You pull me down and you crucify my name
You make me insane
It’s broken now don’t ever look my way
Don’t even think I’m playin’

‘Cause I fucking hate you, you’re such a liar
And I love to hate you, you’re all the same to me

When you repeated me take advantage of me
The only thought I get of you sickens me
Everybody knows your fate, you’re everything I fucking hate
And I’m everything that you could never be

You pull me down and you crucify my name
You make me insane
It’s broken now don’t ever look my way
Don’t even think I’m playin’

‘Cause I fucking hate you, you’re such a liar
And I love to hate you, you’re all the same to me
I fucking you hate you, you’re such a liar
And I love to hate you, you’re all the same to me

Fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you, fuck you

You pull me down and you crucify my name
You make me insane
It’s broken now don’t ever look my way
Don’t even think I’m playin’

‘Cause I fucking hate you, you’re such a liar
And I love to hate you, you’re all the same to me
And I fucking hate, you’re such a liar
And I love to hate you, you’re all the same to me

Fuck you

Rocketed into a Fourth Dimension

We seem to get in our own way. There is a better plan…

There is a solution.

“…there was nothing left but for us to pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet. We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.”

You Can’t Always Get What you Want, but ya might get some thing better…

Let Go and Let it Happen…

Trust in the betta’ plan.

Cool and Crazy

Holy cow this is cool…!!

I had no idea until I began this blog how many recovery sites there are.

Here is one that is super specific.

Late 70’s and 80’s Sober Punk Rockers

70’s and 80’s were eras of drug and alcohol use like the 60’s?

Is addiction more hidden these days?

Maybe people are just addicted to social networking instead of drugs and alcohol?

Seriously, I can’t believe there are that many sober people around, but here ya go…

OMG look at this!!

Freakin’ Facebook is full of stalkers!!


Mark Zuckerberg stalked on Facebook

Fear/ Fuck Everything and Run/ Face Everything and Recover

Dig this Prog Thrash Band

Bloody Mary

Fuck Every thing and Run