So You’re Depressed?

It is amazing how unaware we all are about how substances can change our moods.

“I’ve had a terrible day. I can’t wait to get home, turn on the TV and have a glass of wine.”

Oh yeah, this is a great idea, because TV will help you numb out your feelings and wine is a depressant, so if you are depressed, angry about your hard day at work or resentful that you even have to work, then a glass of depression ought to do the trick.


The fact is alcohol is a depressant. It also is high in calories so if you’re already in questionable physical shape, then it will help you stay that way or get even worse. It also is full of sugar which can lead to diabetes, but the main benefit alcohol will contribute to your being is DEPRESSION. DUH!

“I’m sad and depressed, so I am going to go and get more sad and depressed.”

Yes, we understand because we’ve been there. It is a constant rat wheel with no end until we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The facts are:

1. If you are already depressed alcohol will not help or cure your depression.

2.If you are not depressed and you drink alcohol, you probably won’t become depressed from an occasional glass of wine. (they keyword here being “occasional”)

3. If you are an alcoholic, one will never be enough and an ocean of alcohol won’t be enough either.

Just sayin’

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